Ah Prague, the beautiful capital city of the Czech Republic. The old city is riddled with history, you can feel it as you wander through the old medieval roads and streets, take in the sights of the majestic ancient churches and castles, as well as the old-style apartment blocks. 

From streetfood to museums and open-markets, there are quite a plethora of things to do in the city of Prague. 

Check Out The Old-Town Square

Attribution: Tiia Monto

The old square is a tourist hotspot and with good reason. It is the perfect place to chill-out at local cafes or just to walk about admiring the beautiful architecture of the city. The square is also home to various street performers and buskers, so be sure to tip when you can. 

Visit the Prague Castle

Attribution: Martin Vorel

This amazing castle was built in the 9th century and serves as the official office of the country’s president and previous presidents. But long even before they came around, the castle was home to Kings and Emperors alike. Inside, valuable Bohemian crown jewels are stored in a secret hidden room. The Prague Castles holds the Guinness World Record for the largest ancient castle in the world. So be sure to not miss it, as it is already hard to due to its size.

Be Intrigued at The Dancing House

Attribution: Martin Vorel

This funky-looking building located along the Vlatava river was designed by both Vlado Milunic, an architect of Croatian and Czech descent, and Canadian-American architect, Frank Gehry. The building was completed in 1996 and stands out among the rest of the traditional architectural designs of the city and buildings around.

Peruse Through The Farmers Market

Attribution: Aktron / Wikimedia Commons

There is a farmers market set up every weekday in the city. In this market, you will be able to find local crafts, produce, and street food. This is a great place to get some local souvenirs to bring back home.

Take in The City Views At The Top Of St. Nicholas Church

Attribution: Martin Vorel

This old and beautiful, Baroque church was built between 1704 and 1755. It is a marvel of the Baroque style architecture Prague has become well-known for. You could even climb up the tower and get breathtaking views of the old city that is Prague. Do bear in mind, there is an entrance fee of at least 1 Euro. 

Take A Walk Across Charles Bridge

Attribution: Jorge Royan

This bridge is another medieval architectural marvel and famous landmark in Prague. The bridge was completed in the 15th century and goes across the Vlatava River. Today it has become a UNESCO world heritage site and is decorated with 30 statues. 

But there’s more….

Attribution: Moyan Brenn @ flickr.com/people/28145073@N08/

Prague is a huge city, just taking a stroll through the stone-road alleyways and markets is an experience on its own. If you do plan on taking a little sightseeing tour, be sure to invest in a transport card as it will allow using the trams and metros. 

Be sure to also check the opening hours of the places you intend to visit so that your days are all planned accordingly.