What is it?

Type Rating is the certification needed to allow pilots to fly certain types of aircraft. If a pilot aims to fly the Boeing 737-800 or an Airbus A320, they will need a Type Rating certification of those aircraft on their license to make them qualified to fly them.

Why Do Pilots Need It?

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Pilots wanting to join an airline or freighter company will need to have a Type Rating for certain types of aircraft. 

For example, if you intend to work for Malaysia Airlines, which operates the B737-800, you will need to get a Type Rating on your pilot’s license for that aircraft.

Shared Type Rating:

pilot license malaysia

Many commercial aircraft share their Type Rating, which means that pilots can fly several variants of said aircraft. For example, if you have a Type Rating for the B737-800, you can fly any of the aircraft types within the B737NG (New Generation) family, which includes the 700 and 900 variants. 

Final Verdict

So, if you plan on working for an airline or want to fly commercial aircraft in general, a Type Rating is something you need to have. 

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