Studying and living abroad can be difficult. Our Pilot Training Programs are conducted primarily with our exclusive partner Czech Aviation Training Centre (CATC) in Prague, Czech Republic. These tips and advice can help our students adapt and make the most of their time in Prague.  

  • Have local currency 

Like Malaysia, Prague has many local stores that do not accept cards and only accept cash. Using the local currency, the Czech Koruna, will allow the students to adapt easily to the local cultures and environment. 

  • Learn how to use the local public transportation service 

At Skyvax, we pay and teach our cadets how to use the local transportation services. Our cadets can travel and explore the beautiful and historic city of Prague.

  •  Learn the local language

The local language in Prague, Czech Republic is Czech. By learning simple phrases–such as hello, goodbye, and thank you–our cadets can quickly adapt to their foreign surroundings. 

  • Understand the culture of Prague, Czech Republic 

As international students studying abroad, our students must understand that as Malaysians, we must represent our country positively. By understanding the culture, our students can learn how to conduct themselves responsibly and respectfully. 

  • Explore the beautiful city of Prague

Prague, Czech Republic is a beautiful European city with many historical buildings and amazing attractions. Our students have the opportunity to explore and experience the rich cultures of Prague. 

  • Find a balance between your studying and leisure time 

Allocating time for studying, sports, and leisure activities is important for the health and wellbeing of our students. We advise our students to organize their time effectively and responsibly.