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ATPL Programs


What are the documents required to enroll into the Skyvax ATPL Program?

Cadets will be given a document checklist upon request.

How do I apply for the Certificate of Good Conduct (CGC) and how long is it valid for?

Cadets can apply Certificate of Good Conduct through Malaysia Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.

The validity of Certificate of Good Conduct is 3 months. This document required for visa application process. Prior to departure to Prague, cadets are required to renew the CGC if the departure date exceed 3 months validity period.

What is the next step after I complete the enrolment stage?

The next process after the enrolment stage is document preparation for Visa Application and English Proficiency Level Test.

English Proficiency

What if I do not have any English Proficiency Level Test (E.g: TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS)?

The cadets may take any of the English Proficiency Standard above to obtain the equivalent level to CEFR B2. For those who are interested in taking TOEIC, Skyvax provides TOEIC preparatory classes.  Upon completion of the classes, the exam is administered by the TOEIC Test Center of Malaysia.


Do I need to take insurance for this program?

Risk Management will be under each of the cadets’ responsibility. We do not provide specific provider for the insurance policy. Cadets can take any insurance of their choice as long as it meets the minimum guidelines given by Czech Republic Authority. Skyvax will facilitate and assist cadets for insurance requirement.

What if I already had an insurance?

The cadet can continue with any insurance as long it meets the Czech Republic Long Stay Visa requirements for application and renewal. However, for the renewal, the cadet is required to purchase additional insurance in Czech Republic for Visa renewal to take place.


Where will be the interview for the Czech Republic Long Stay visa?

The visa interview is located at Czech Republic Embassy, The Intermark, Jalan Tun Razak, 50400 Kuala Lumpur. Our representative will accompany cadets during application submission and interview.

What documents do I need to prepare before going for the visa Interview?

Skyvax will provide a complete checklist for document preparation. We will also screen and check all the documents to ensure completion of the paperwork prior to the visa Interview.

How long would be taken to get visa approval from the Czech Republic Embassy?

The duration for visa approval process is 90 days as stated in Czech Republic Minister of Interior website.

Who will inform me once the visa gets approved?

Skyvax will usually receive a notification on the cadet visa approval. Skyvax will advise the cadet to plan for the visa collection at Czech Republic Embassy in Kuala Lumpur.

How long is the visa valid for?

The length of the visa validity is depending on Czech Republic Ministry approval which usually approve for one year period.

How does the visa renewal process take place? What preparations do I need to perform to renew the visa?

The cadets will be given the visa renewal checklist by Skyvax Operations Department. The renewal can only be processed minimum 90 days before expiry whereby the cadet is most likely in Prague.

Who will assist me for the visa renewal process in Prague?

Czech Aviation Training Centre (CATC) person in charge will assist the cadet for the visa renewal with support from Skyvax Operations team.

Malaysia Air Law

How long is the duration of Malaysia Air Law and when will it be conducted?

The length of the Air Law class duration is 2 months and is conducted at Skyvax Aerospace Training Malaysia.  The classes may be held either prior to departure to Prague or after returning from Prague upon completion of ATPL course. Our standard process is to conduct Air Law prior to departure unless circumstances dictate otherwise.

What if I have already taken Malaysia Air Law?

For cadets who already taken Malaysia Air Law, the cadet is required to write to the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia to confirm the validity of the Malaysia Air Law exam score.

When will I sit for the Malaysian Air Law exam?

The Cadet is eligible to take Air Law examination upon completion of Air Law course subject to the minimum hours of class attendance as required by the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia. The exam date is subject to slot availability. Our standard process is to conduct Air Law exam prior to departure to Prague. However, if the exam is required to be taken after return from Prague, Skyvax will conduct refresher class for Skyvax Cadets.    

Cabin Crew Preparatory Program

Course Details

What is the cost of the program?

The normal cost of the program is RM 5800.

Is accommodation included in the program?

Accommodation is not included.  However, our Student Affairs department can assist in helping you find suitable a accommodation.

Where will the classes be conducted?

The classes will be conducted at SKYVAX Aerospace Training at Pusat Perniagaan Dana 1, Ara Damansara.

What are the benefits of the program?

The program will help to:

  • Improve your professional image
  • Upskill your communication skills
  • Increase your English Competency
  • Improve your soft skills
  • Develop your interview skills
  • Update your resume/CV

What certificates will I get?

The program is a dual-certificaiton course:

  • TOEIC Score Report (an internationally recognized certificate)
  • Cabin Crew Preparation Training certificate

Who can join the program?

This program is open to:

  • Anyone wishing to increase their communication and social skills
  • Anyone who is currently undecided on their future
  • Anyone who was retrenched and looking to improve their competitive edge in the job market
  • Anyone who is interested in entering the aviation industry

What are the qualifications needed to join the program?


  • Minimum SPM or its equivalent as recognized by the Malaysian Government with Credit in English and pass in any other 4 subjects including Bahasa Malaysia.

Candidates with Diploma and above are encouraged to apply.


  • Malaysian Citizen
  • BMI normal
  • Female, age 18 to 35 years old, Minimum height of 157cm for female.
  • Male Age : 18 and above, Minimum height of 165cm for male


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