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Ab-Initio Frozen ATPL and ATPL Plus (with Type Rating and Base Training)

The Frozen Airline Transport Pilots License (ATPL) program is a pilot training course developed by Skyvax Aerospace Training with our exclusive partner, Czech Aviation Training Centre (CATC).

Fresh cadets will begin their endeavor at Skyvax Aerospace Training (SAT) in Malaysia for theoretical knowledge study and will be tested under the guidelines of the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia (CAAM) and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). The cadets will then continue their training at CATC in Prague, Czech Republic to complete all required qualification and skills to become a commercial airline pilot.

The ATPL Plus program gives cadets additional qualifications in the form of a Type Rating on the 737-800NG and Base Training.

Our program will award the pilot with both CAAM and EASA pilot licenses, allowing our cadets ability to work locally and globally.


For those who have partially completed a pilot course or have a foreign CPL or CPL/IR not approved by CAAM, the Abridge program is for you. With an appraisal from CAAM, your course outline will include any additional modules you would need to complete to get the CAAM approved ATPL qualification to start working in Malaysa.

With the Abridge program, the option of completing Type Rating and Base Training on the Boeing 737-800NG is available.

Type Rating and Base Training

Already have your CAAM approved ATPL but don’t have a Type Rating? Skyvax provides stand alone Type Rating and Base Training to improve your employability and meet the requirements some airlines may have in place for new pilots. Click here to learn more.

Why Partner with CATC?

Our exclusive partnership with CATC brings benefits to the students:

Nearly 100 years of training experience

Established in 1923, CATC’s prominence rose from providing high-quality training services which continues to be held up to the same high standards today.

Only foreign Approved Training Organization (ATO) approved by CAA Malaysia

Being approved by local aviation authorities means that cadets can get an ATPL endoresed by both CAA Malaysia and EASA

Foreign experience

The majority of the course will take place in the Czech Republic. Students will be able to broaden their horizons and explore a culture new to them and the foreign experience ups their employability.

Large fleet of aircraft

With a fleet of 52 aircraft spread across three different airbases, cadets will not have to wait long before they’re at the controls.

Fleet and Facilities

Explore the aircraft and facilities used in our training program

Course Outline

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