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Having a license is one thing, but for cadets to get into flying the aircraft of their choice, or of the company they may soon work for, they will need to get a type rating for said aircraft. 

A Type Rating is essentially a certification given to pilots to fly aircraft that require additional training to operate. Any aircraft that uses a jet engine or is over a certain weight will require a type rating to operate.

It is important to note that pilots who  have Type Rating and Base Training are more likely to get hired than those who don’t. Some airlines may also require pilots to have a Type Rating for a specific aircraft before joining the airline.  

At Skyvax, we offer cadets the option of taking Type Rating and Base Training as part of the ab-initio ATPL Program, as well as a 6-month stand-alone Type Rating and Base Training course for pilots who already have a CAAM approved ATPL. 

Our training covers a combination of fundamental theoretical courses and necessary practical skills to become the best pilot you can be.


Currently we have two aircraft type endorsable by CAAM:

  • BOEING 737-400
  • BOEING 737 NG (-600/700/800/900)


Our Type Rating and Base Training program is conducted in the Czech Republic with Czech Aviation Training Centre (CATC) and is endorsed by the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia (CAAM).

Type Rating

The program consists of two phases: the ground phase where theory classes will be taught and the flight phase where simulator training will be done.


Base Training

6 take-offs and landings with at least 1 full stop landing using real aircraft is done under the supervision of a Type Rating instructor and Safety Pilot.

For trainees with more than 500 hours of Multi Pilot Aircraft experience, the requirement is to complete 4 take-offs and landings with at least 1 full stop landing.


Program Inclusions

This comprehensive program

  • Return flight ticket to Prague, Czech Republic
  • Accommodation
  • Monthly living allowance
  • Transportation coverage in Czech Republic


  • 100 hours as pilot-in-command
  • Valid Multi-Engine Rating (ME) and Instrument Rating (IR)
  • Valid CPL or ATPL
  • Class 1 Medical Certificate
  • Level 4 English according to ICAO requirements
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